About us

Fortis Group

Fortis Group is the company with many years of experience, expertise and professionalism in managing and successfully completing capital investment projects in the field of land development and real estate development.
High quality, luxury of appearance, comfort, high technical standards are just some of the features of the projects that we have carried out and that we are working on.

Comfort and quality is designed

Comfort and quality of housing is certainly one of the basic human needs - Fortis Grupa is spicing its projects that luxury comfort and quality of living rises to a higher level.

From the very beginning of any project development, our architects are planning the use of high quality materials and carefully plan the details that are going to enable future flexibility and possibility of choice in accordance with your wishes.

Business exelence

We start and manage our own real estates and luxury homes development projects. We are permanently at the source of information and we are able to multiply enhance equity: from finding attractive land parcels, addressing property rights, land purchasing, efficiently handling project documentation and all the necessary permits, selling property.
Our main goal is to ensure the satisfaction of our clients through our quality products and services, as well as through long-term security that we guarantee trough the transparent and pre-known mutual contractual relations.

Socially responsible company

Fortis Group is a company with emphasized responsibility for community and sustainable development and that is the reason it is a reliable partner that establishes its work accordingly to socially acceptable, legally and professionally correct procedures in project management.

Our commitment is an expression of awareness that only as a socially responsible company, we can continually enhance our own business excellence.


Your dreams are our projects..

Apart own offer of luxury real estates, Fortis Group with its team of experts as well as with its partners-associates network is able to provide complete service in project management with entire consulting and professional services, real estate development and construction. Based on extensive experience in business situations in real life, positive legislation, as well as its business excellence, our team proved that nothing is impossible to achieve in the development and successful completion of projects.

Fortis Grupa